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If you work for, own a floor care company or have a on-site staff, you as well as your employees should continue to have ongoing training to keep up with current procedures and techniques. Below are some basic instructional brochures to get you started and upkeep your floor care.



Although this information is geared towards are carpet cleaning professionals. This information is also useful to homeowners that may be in need of spot removal techniques and other carpet cleaning procedures that can extend the life of many carpets.‚Äč

‚ÄčThis section is great to learn about general cleaning tips including window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dilution charts and many more!!

  • What is this thing called pH?
  • Bathroom Soils
  • Window Cleaning
  • Sanitize vs Disinfectant
  • Dusting
  • Dilution Chart

About The "College of Knowledge"
Cape Fear Janitorial host bi-annual seminars for current custodial staff, new cleaning service businesses and current businesses wanting to train new employees or just keep updated on the latest and newest procedures and products.

While we do offer these classes as a  great option, we also provide the College of Knowledge. C.O.K has a variety of literature that we provide in some of our classes and are great for new employees to have and utilize.

As always Cape Fear Janitorial Supply wants to be sure all of our customers are armed with not just the tools , chemicals and equipment but also the knowledge of how to get a job done professionally, smart, quick and profitable. 

Feel free to print any of the listed literature on our website and make your own College of Knowledge Booklet.

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