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Our Vendors and Partners

Cape Fear Janitorial Supply Company has spent years building strong partnerships with top-tier vendors across the Chemical, Equipment, and Janitorial Industries, many of which are listed below. Readers may note that many of these vendors are in competition with each other – this is because we consider it critical to keep our customers’ options open and flexible. We’re not seeking to profit by pushing the products of one vendor who gave us the biggest discount; instead, we establish a partner relationship with any vendor who can meet our high standards for quality and support. We then pass the benefits of that relationship on to customers for whom that vendor is a good fit.

In fact, we’d prefer customers to view our list of partners as evidence of the extensive and diverse range of our expertise rather than simply a catalog of approved brands. We did not compile this list lightly. Discerning the best vendor to fulfill a given customer’s needs and mediating between vendor and customer to implement an optimal solution are major components of our services. Behind each logo is our personal commitment to comprehensive support and professional objective judgment of that vendor and their offerings.

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